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Quantified Stream is the best way to understand Japan with data.

There are many sources of information about Japan, but they are often too focused on the latest news. This newsletter provides visualizations to help understand various aspects of Japanese society without being too focused on the latest news.

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Below is a list of some past posts by type. You can also browse the Archive for all past posts by month and tag.

Detailed Data Analysis and Visualization

Visualizing International Students in Japan
What are the most common countries of origin for those studying in Japan? How has the number of international students in Japan changed?
The 47 Japanese Prefecture Websites Support 90+1 Languages
We learn about foreign residents in Japan by visualizing the foreign language support of Japanese prefecture websites.


The Chaotic State of Payment Methods in Japan
We explore Cash, E-Money, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, QR Code Apps, and Cryptocurrencies in Japan.


How a Japanese Song Became a Popular Meme in China
Explaining how the Japanese song Shin Takarajima became a popular meme on the Chinese Website Bilibili.
The Japanese Internet’s Obsession with Bollywood Dances
The unexpected Japanese art of combining Japanese Music with Bollywood Dances